22Bet review – Many Events & Fantastic Live 22 Bet Betting System

22Bet is a hidden gem of a sport betting website. It offers fantastic odds and a good selection of events. It would be amiss if we did not mention all of that in this 22Bet review.

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22bet Sport Book

As soon as you load up 22Bet, you are going to be greeted with their sport book. Instantly, you will be shown just how many different events the company offers. Obviously, the bulk of their site is dedicated to football betting. However, you also have ice hockey, boxing, horse racing, American Football, and a whole lot more. There are both major and smaller leagues covered here, which means you can get a little bit more ‘experimental’ with the types of bet that you are placing too.

22 Bet Live Betting

While it is not a major focus for 22Bet, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of options available when it comes to live betting. Since 22Bet covers events from around the world, you can be sure that there will always be an event or two that you will be able to live bet on too, no matter the time of day.

The system 22Bet have built for their live betting options is fantastic

The system they have built for their live betting options is fantastic. It is really quick to place a bet, and while the game is ‘in play’ you have a plethora of different betting markets that you can enter. This means that you are really going to be able to get complicated with your bets to maximise the potential amount of cash that you could win.

22Bet Odds

22Bet makes a promise when you load up their website. This promise is that no matter what, they are always going to try to offer the best odds possible. This is a promise that they have demonstrated that they are able to live up to…and they do a fantastic job of it too.

We can’t honestly say in this 22Bet review that the site offers the best odds 100% of the time. If we said that, it would be a lie. What we can say is that this is a company which always tries the best to offer great odds. It certainly offers better terms than some of the biggest players in the betting industry. So, you may want to steer clear of the ‘big names’ and check out a site like this. You will be surprised at how much more money you can earn on a single bet.

What we can say for sure, though, is that if you sign up for 22Bet you will be happy if this is the only place that you end up playing at. It is an absolutely tremendous website that is packed to the brim with sports and good prices on those sports. You wouldn’t really want to gamble anywhere else.

Play on Multiple Devices – 22Bet Mobile

A major focus for 22Bet is mobile devices.

In this 22Bet review, we do want to point out that a major focus for 22Bet is mobile devices. So much so that if you access the site on your desktop, you will be pointed towards the mobile site. That being said, even on your desktop computer, the mobile version of the site is still ridiculously simple to browse. It is easy to browse on mobile too. However, if you want to get the most out of your 22Bet experience, then we recommend downloading the app to your phone and playing about with it like that.

22Bet Casino

While we are not going to go into too much depth on this in this 22Bet review, we do want to point out that there is a rather decent online casino on the site. Although, do bear in mind that the site doesn’t really push it in your face. They are more focused on the sport betting side of things. However, if you fancy having a tinker about with some top slots machines, or even some live dealer games, you are going to be able to do that at 22Bet.

22Bet has a decent online casino with many games.

22bets Support

Customer service at 22Bets is available 24/7. The best way to get in touch with them is via the incredibly responsive live chat. However, if you have a bit more of a complicated question, then you can pick up the telephone and give them a call too. Now, in our experience when we were putting together this 22Bet review is that there were not any issues that would warrant getting in touch with customer support. The site is fairly robust with its construction. However, we did test them out, and discovered that it only took a few minutes for a response each time, and they were certainly able to deal with the issues that we had. They are certainly knowledgeable and understand the whole system well.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

There are a lot of them available here. As a UK gambler, it is likely that you will be more likely to deposit money into your account using debit or credit card. Maybe a direct bank deposit at a push. However, you have tons of options beyond that too. For example; you can deposit money into your account using various payment wallets. You can even tinker with Bitcoin if you have a bit of that kicking around too. It is safe to say that no matter what route you go down, the deposits and withdrawals are going to be safe and fast.

Summary of the 22Bet Review

While this is a site which isn’t the most-popular site in the world, you can see 22Bet as somewhat of a hidden gem. It offers a huge range of sports. It offers terrific odds on the events that it does has available. This means that if you do head to 22Bet, it is absolutely going to be worth it. We do mean what we said earlier on in this 22Bet review too. You can be 100% positive that if this was the only site you signed up to, you would be happy with the event selection and the odds. You wouldn’t need to play anywhere else.

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