What Does the Term Skill Games Sites Encompass?

The basic concept most people have in mind when skill games sites are mentioned is competence and experience. Although a good amount of luck is involved, when playing them it is also important to have some knowledge on the rules as well as an established playing tactic. These, unlike other ordinary casino games involve less luck. While fate plays a pivotal role in poker, roulette, black jack and other popular forms of gambling entertainment, there is no room for it in practical money skill games, like csgo betting.

Skill Games Sites 2024

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Being able to create a smart strategy is much appreciated when putting stake money on skill games sites. Besides the people keen on these games who believe that their gaming skills can help them earn some extra cash, there are also plenty of players who participate in tournaments with no prize funds because they simply want to play for fun. Nowadays online gamers can easily choose whether to play purely for the entertainment or the money.

These games, although often found in online casino platforms contrast to the other major forms of web gambling. The majority of casino slots are games of luck rather than games of skill, and that is what differentiates both types of entertainment. Those who fail to believe in their fate, but like gambling, stand much better chances to win a hefty award if they turn to games which are oriented towards rewarding only the most skillful and experienced players, rather than the lucky ones.

Top Web Casinos for Skill Game Tournaments

skill games sites yahtzeeLooking for a skill game selection that resembles the current picture of the online gambling industry worldwide? Here’s our international online casino classification for this tournament season.

Needless to say, these are just a few of the Web pages where you can practice your gaming skills for real money. This list is being constantly upgraded in order to make sure that the information presented is adequate and up-to-date. For more precise details or a summary of the rules on certain skill games offered by online casinos, read our game overview section below. It is linked to other sources of data which may be utile for both expert and beginner players.

The Ultimate Page-Long Skill Game Guide

If skill games sites are a new challenge that stands before you, then you probably need to learn the basics in brief, starting from the types of games, included in this category. Below are shortlisted the best-known online skill games that you may find in the majority of international gambling websites:

Set the Cards for Poker

The king of all online games with billions of fans worldwide. Though its questionable weather winning a poker game is a matter of bluffing abilities, fate, or playing skills, it still falls in the category of the all-time favourites. Joining an online poker club is as easy as ABC but sticking up to the same one is definitely a challenge. Most players like to test their skills and luck in a few sites at the same time and tend to constantly check the tons of new opportunities available on the web.

Due to its popularity, we have dedicated a whole section to it, so you may like to peep through the other pages of our site with more details about it and briefly inspect its rules as well as gaming peculiarities. Bear in mind that this card game involves a certain amount of risk and not only skills, so you’d better not put all of your funds at stake even when you are already more confident in your playing skills.


skill games sites dominoesYou can hardly ever meet an individual who has not heard anything about this game. It is praised and enjoyed all over the world by generations of people of different ages just like bingo. The rules are easy to pick up, although there are many variations available at skill games sites.

The original Chinese game consists of a set of tiles, called dominoes, which served to substitute popular dice games. The contemporary vision of the play is influenced by the alternations which Italians made to it in the 18th century when the game was introduced in Europe.

The 28 long tiles were once made of ivory but are nowadays manufactured mostly from wood and plastic. Needless to say, the online versions come in dozens of designs and colors. The blocking and scoring games which can be enjoyed at different web casinos are, in fact, layout games. Here are some popular titles: Block, Fives and threes, Double fives, Cyprus, Chicken foot, Draw, Bergen, Basic Trains, with Draw and Block being the most favored ones.

Skill Games Sites for Chess

This is a very old form of gaming entertainment which is not necessarily associated with gambling. Although the rules of this strategic board game seem to be easy to get, once you know them you will realize how much more you need to learn in order to master it. An 8 by 8 grid frames the chessboard which is used to place the 32 playing pieces (16 white and 16 black). Each of these pieces moves in a different way, targeting the king and the queen. An end of the game is reached when the king, from the opponent’s set of pieces, is captured. Most online skill games sites started accepting chess play wagers only a few years ago but this fun activity is gaining more and more popularity.


skill games sites backgammonJust like the chess, this board game has many decades of history behind its back. It is even considered as a sport. Nowadays there are thousands of backgammon admirers and addicts all over the world and their number is constantly increasing. Once you get the rules, it looks quite straightforward. But only a skillful strategic player can win big money while placing online wages. Of course besides skills, there is a big amount of pure luck involved, as in all dice games offered by international online casinos.

All you need to get started are 2 players, a board with 24 black and white triangles called points, a dice, and basic calculation skills. Add some gambling experience and a small sum to it and you will get the right recipe for a profitable online betting experience. Normally, bigger global web casinos offer more versions of this game, for the more advanced gamblers who are tired of the authentic traditional chess that they have been playing since they were children.


This is renowned card game which can be seen in various forms. About 90% of skill game websites propose seasoned gamblers the chance to participate in tournaments where different variations of rummy are played, and various jackpots offered.

The most common basic rummy version played for entertainment is believed to have originated in China as a variation of poker, called Conquian. Spain and Mexico also claim that they are the birthplaces of this widely-played game. If you are a passionate card gamer, rummy is definitely worth trying out. You can find it only in the best skill games sites. There you can sign up for plenty of international online tournaments that you may take advantage of.

Play Spades

skill games sites spadesWhoever wants to score well by playing bridge may start up with the famous game spades at skill games sites. It is played only by those attracted to card games involving more skill play and less luck. It is similar to Bridge but the rules are a bit simplified and the scoring system is much easier. That makes it ideal for newbie card players who are not interested so much in winning hefty jackpots, and placing stakes online but in the play itself. Its fans are pretty lucky cause the majority of web casinos worldwide offer variations of this classic game with original graphics and design to make your gambling experience enjoyable and pleasing

Yahtzee Dices

This is a Canadian dice game, invented by a hazard-loving couple in the 1950’s which has managed to win the hearts of millions of gamblers worldwide. What made it so popular among the mass is its simplicity, clearness, and the fact that its similar to some already known games as Cheerio and Poker Dice. All you need in order to get started is a set of five dice, a piece of paper, and knowledge on how to score rolls. The rest is pure chance. This skill game is both enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The Game of Tonk

Being the least favored of all these skill games, tonk cannot be found in all web casinos. It is mostly implemented in US oriented gambling sites. Primarily, it originated as a variation of Rummy because it embroils the player into a fast-paced card game with up to 3 more players. Although it is mainly known as a gambling game and has been played by the majority of its fans for money, it can also be enjoyed as a non-stake requiring fun online game. Try it once and you will understand why it is so highly-addictive!

Tournaments, Solo Play or Team Games?

skill games sites tonkEvery online gambler prefers a different form of gaming experience, so it’s almost impossible to sum up the opinions of all skill games sites users on the web. Plenty of people enjoy both solo and team games and there is a tendency for more and more gamers to participate in tournaments since the price fund there seems to be more satisfactory. Although the majority of online gamblers are attracted by the chance to entertain themselves without leaving their homes, there are also many who are seeking reasonable financial rewards in return to their efforts and long hours spent at their personal computers.

Luckily, the web gambling market nowadays gives many opportunities to its trusted fans, spewing tons of well-designed popular skill game variations. For more referrals to the current top-of-the-line casinos on the Web, as well as the best skill games sites worldwide, refer to the weekly global ranking on the top of the page! And don’t forget skill play is done for fun!

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