A Brief Casino Slots Guidebook

This guide will be useful for those of you who are interested in discovering the crème of online casino slots websites, and the rules to become their member. Here you will not only find links to other detailed sub pages concerning various types of real casino slots but will also have the unique chance to read all about online slot gambling in just one page. We welcome you to scroll down and check the entire up-to-date info on casino slots divided in sections and topics that we have paid extra attention to.

This is not just an ordinary slot review site, advertised by a massive international online casino, but a web page designed by online casino fans to provide useful information for their fellow players. Our team is reviewing new online gambling opportunities every day, and its primary goal is to deliver the latest news from the dynamic global industry of web gaming.

Although hitting the casino slot machines is not considered the most entertaining and wanted casino experience in Europe, the situation is quite the contrary when we focus on the US market. True casino slot machines fans there can be seen in both small towns and big cities. Across Australia, the situation is pretty much the same, though these favored casino slot machines there are called by the locals “poker machines” (and are also known as “pokies”). Of course, besides a wide variety of poker games, they offer to their users a vast amount of similar games that can bring profits from small to jackpot. The prizes, as usual, depend on the stake placed.

How to Make the Right Choice

Enjoy playing slot machines in a casinoOne of the primary purposes of us being here for you is to show you, how and where to wager in order to secure your money. There are so many Internet casinos out there that one could be easily fooled and robbed without being given the chance to enjoy a high-quality slot gambling experience.

Newbies, as well as experts can both get extra information on which are the casinos currently offering irresistible deals: welcoming bonuses, second game return prizes, reduced weekly or monthly subscriptions. What we offer to our users is not simply a list of legitimate sites but the knowledge where and when is the right time to gamble online.

You know where to play but you cannot do the math yourselves, or you are not fully aware of the rules of slot games? We are here to give you some expert tips! They will certainly boost your chances of winning the jackpot. That is the least that we can do to enhance your web casino experience!

Top Real Casino Slots Sites and Web Casinos in 2018

According to InternetBettingSites.org the most secure casino slot machines web pages are the following:

Playing slot machines in a web casinoKeep in mind that this is a temporary classification that is being updated constantly to reflect the current online gambling market worldwide. The evolution of real casino slots is so rapid that no list like this can be valid for more than a couple of months. Our team of dedicated slot game fans is continuously checking and reviewing old and new web casinos with the one and only purpose to help our readers find a virtual casino that will be secure and easy-to-use.

Reliable gambling companies are rare to be found these days, so a list like that can save you the headache to spend hours in research yourselves. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the information listed above! We promise that we will stick to adding or removing companies from it on a weekly basis in order to guarantee the safety of your wager finances.

Casino Slot Machines Definition and Function

You are still not sure how using casino slot machines online works? In fact, not far different than the real casino slots. These are games of chance, played in almost all casinos worldwide. They involve randomly based symbols which are spinning with the help of reels once a money wager is placed. The purpose of the game is to manage to line up symbols of the same type, size and color, with the help of a gear, in order to get some money back from the machine. The machine that generates these random numbers is powered by software, so the possibility to guess when is the right time to play and win is not very high.

You should better follow your intuition and hope that the fate is at your side, instead of spending hours solving equations and trying to guess when is the best time to try out your chances.

Classic vs. Contemporary Slot Machines

How mechanical slot machines look like?Although slot machines have a long history, they did not look the same way as they do now when they first appeared on the “gambling stage” in the early 19th century. They used to operate with the help of mechanical gears while these days, they count mainly on computer programs to spin the reels and generate the numbers which determine the final position of the symbols. That development of these games simplified the process of implementing them in most of the major Internet-based casinos globally.

The odds of the combinations were calculated much easier when the early machines were used because they depended mostly and were limited by the size of the reels and other mechanical factors. That is why back-in-the-day slot rooms were not able to accumulate as much profit as the modern web casinos. Unfortunately, that reflects mostly on the profits of the players nowadays.

Computer generated numbers follow patterns and algorithms which cannot be decoded perfectly. In other words the amount of pure luck involved into those types of games is higher, so they can no longer be classified as skill games. Although modern casinos have higher edge, keep in mind that there is also more competition, so they need to put a lot of their profits into welcoming bonuses, and extra tournament prizes.

The difference between mechanical and electronic slit machinesAnother advantageous characteristic of modern machines versus the vintage casino slots is that the amount of symbols per reel can be much higher. Most machines operate with about 20 different symbols, and their manufacturers can design them to turn up at a particular time or spin, so that their users do not win so often. That allows the companies offering web or real casino slot games to adjust the jackpots to be higher but won less often. Therefore they can advertise their jackpots as progressive or humongous, and attract more visitors to keep their profits high.

You will probably be surprised to learn that the major part of the casino revenue in the United States is collected from the nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars put into these machines. One of the main reasons for this is probably the fact that Americans prefer solo games, casino slots seem less risky than poker, bingo, and daily fantasy sports.

Online vs. Offline Slot Machine Games

Although land based and online slot machines may seem different, in reality, they operate pretty much the same way, as the online ones. Some virtual casino slots generate much better sound effects and graphics and outperform the real casino slot machines in terms of game variety. You may enjoy an immense list of games to choose from once you subscribe a web casino, so you can never get bored. What are the other pros?

  • You get the chance to play a free trial of the main classic slot games. This can be fun without holding the risk of losing money. For more details, you may read our “free web slot games” section.
  • You stand real chances to win higher paybacks.
  • You do not have to dress up formally or travel a few hours to get to the nearest casino. In fact, you can even play in bed while still wearing a pajama.

Free Web Slot Games

An online slots casino will not be pressured by utility bills, hall rents, employee salary expenses, cleaning maid fees, property maintenance fees, alcohol serving permits, excessive paperwork and license acquiring issues. It does not have any monthly aims or profit targets to accomplish. The lack of all these expenditures gives the entrepreneurs who own web casinos the freedom to allow their valued customers to trial the slot games offered by them for free. This is a huge advantage over the land-based casino facilities.

Play online slots on your computerHaving the opportunity to check out some games before placing a real money wager or to select the most entertaining slot machine before you participate in a tournament makes a huge difference for the users of gambling services. However, do not forget that part of the entertainment is in the feeling of risking real money, so once you try the free trial versions, you may switch to a paid subscription and feel the thrill of betting.

If you stick with the non-paid versions, you will end up receiving nothing more than some blinking lights and casino-sounds, which will not substitute the feeling of a real casino experience. Putting some money into the casino slots is worth it, if you want to spice up your game. Of course, it is your money and your game, so if you are thrilled from playing without wagering pay no attention to the advice above. Gambling is not only about the hazard but about the entertainment, so you should do whatever amuses you!

Read further down, and you will discover additional referrals to free trial casino slot games that you may check out!

Worldwide Slot Machine Gambling Regulations

This section is for those of you who are still uncertain whether virtual slot machine gambling is legal. Citizens of the United States playing with real cash online should be extra cautious. Owning a web casino, in the US is illegal but playing slot machine games via international Internet casinos whose headquarters are based overseas is 100% allowed in the majority of the states.

If you want to make sure that your finances are secured and you will not be persecuted by the law, you should better check out where is the web platform that you like based. If there is no information about that on the page itself, you may always refer to the customer support of the website and request more details. So far in history, there has never been even a single case of governmental persecution in the USA of slot game addicts who have been placing wagers on the Internet.

Play online slots on your computerAs for Australia and the UK where these games are less familiar to the gambling society, the same rules and regulations apply. Playing is legal, as long as the websites used are outsourced. Although “real money fruit machines” (as the British call them) gain popularity on the Island these days, sports bets are still at the top of the web gambler’s favorites. Australians, on the other hand, refer to these games as “real money pokies” and play them when they are tired of the other gambling opportunities offered at the continent.

Building a Strategy

Many expert gamblers know already that creating your style and playing strategy takes time and dedication. It is not enough to know the rules of a game and play it on a regular basis to win big money. You need to be ready to invest some of your sweet time in calculations, reading forums, sharing your experience and getting tips from fellow slot game lovers. If you believe that is your style, then you are ready to join the next online tournament that your trusted web casino organizes!

Slot Game Variations

From virtual video game simulators and social media machine games to web gambling training programs, slot games may vary greatly. The most common online versions resemble machine games offered in brick and mortar casino halls. The fact that their titles are already familiar to the wide audience helps the web slot casino companies to gain popularity quickly without investing too much in initial advertising.

Both regular and newbie users have the choice to either play online directly through the website chosen or download a software or game which will allow them to play when they have quality internet connection. Depending on the web game room that you have selected, you will have to stick to one of these options. Of course, there are also sites that will allow you to download some slot games that can be played whenever you like without being connected to the Web. These, however, are not real money games and are not related to any tournaments or jackpot prizes. Their purpose is purely entertaining.

There are so many global companies on the gambling market that one could easily find himself lost and spend hours wondering which option is the best. Do not waste too much time in decision making, since the majority of the leading companies offer between 100 and 150 games each, and that list keeps growing. Some of the most valued sites even upgrade their lists by replacing some of the old games that have low-quality graphics with new ones.

Here are some of the slot game categories that have taken the upper hand:

  • All-time favorites. The traditional casino slots are always in fashion. Actually, classic mechanical casino slots cannot be played online, so what you get are modern games with vintage looking graphics and style. They usually have just a few line and reel configurations, but that plain style is the key to their authentic look. Since they are kept simple, these are ideal for beginner gamblers. Although the prizes that you can win there may seem a bit lower, increasing jackpots are characteristic for them. So if you keep coming back, you may leave the virtual room with a full wallet.
  • Games with audio and video effects. This group encompasses games with better graphics and more complicated plots that are technologically developed. Almost all games generated after 2010 may undoubtedly fall into this section.
  • What are progressive slot machines?Progressive slot machines. They are commonly linked in order to form a network-like game sequel that triggers series of jackpots from low to high. The prizes won depend on the rare combination of symbols which the player sees while playing. Surprisingly, sometimes these progressive slot machines are not only linked within the same web casino but can be formed by a combination of online slot machines of various casino floors, operating within the same region/area./country. Americans seem to be the greatest fans of those types of casino slots since they give the opportunity to win humongous jackpots. Keep in mind, that the odds of ending up as a jackpot owner are times lower than if you stick to the classic real casino slots.
  • Bonus casino slots. These are only meant for the gamblers playing for real money. They include a bonus round for the extra skilled players or some additional challenges that spice up the main game played.
  • Licensed casino slots. All casino slots that resemble well-known game brands like Monopoly and Scrabble, or superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, or film and book characters fall into this category. Although casino owners need to pay a lot for the authorship over familiar face casino slots manufactured, the payoff is worth the initial investment. It is not a secret that familiar faces and brands attract more attention than the new unfamiliar ones.
  • Extra skill slot games. Some virtual game rooms separate skill games into a different category because they do not involve that much chance but other casino floors keep them in their slot game page although they do not have much in common with the traditional casino slots. Jackpots here are won only by the players who have good knowledge of a particular game or are faster than others in performing a certain action for which they are greatly rewarded. These casino slot games are primarily enjoyed by the younger audience and are likely to attract less experienced live-room casino gamblers who switched to online gaming. Their share in this business niche is relatively small.

Frequently Asked Questions on Slots Casino

  • Which Casino Slots Will Suit Your TasteWin real money by playing casino slots!There’s no universal answer to this. People from different regions have different preferences. Some prefer the classic casino slots that tend to offer a higher payback. Others like the more modern graphics and popular faces from TV. The key to understanding what do you want to play is taking a little time to set up your goals. Are you more prize-oriented, or you prefer to play for fun and want to check out the latest innovations in the industry? Once you reply to that, you will know which way to go. Checking some forums for tips from seasoned players can also help you get a better understanding of the web gambling market and the hazards of joining a virtual casino.
  • Should I try to guess the pattern of the slot machine in order to win the jackpot?If classic mechanical machines were your passion, the answer would be positive. But in the case with online gambling, it is pointless to try. Each website uses different software to generate random numbers. The numbers produced cannot be guessed even if you spend hours calculating the odds, so you should trust your luck and enjoy the experience, rather than worry about math. No strategy will be efficient when playing a game that is not skill-based.
  • Which are the leading companies in the virtual casino slots industry?Although there is an ocean of web casino names out there, you can currently find some of the best deals and tournaments if you visit Microgaming. They offer the largest game selection, for non US citizens. Another option is Betsoft, who offer 3D plot game specialists. And of course, Playtech for all types of casino games. There are also Aristocrat, who are popular in Australia, but are the largest global slot game manufacturer, Realtime Gaming, who manufacture innovative casino slot games. And some others such as Rival, Bally Technologies, WMS Gaming, and IGT.
  • How to be sure that a web casino room is reliable?Checking reputable forums, lists created by quality info websites like InternetBettingSites.org, and asking expert gamers that you know are just a few ways to get started. Try to stick to sizeable international sites which have already operated for a couple of years. If they are still in business and they are growing, that is a certain sign that they have satisfied return customers and regular players. What is more, their tournament prize funds tend to be higher.

Enjoy playing now

Online casino slots are a fun and entertaining way to enjoy gambling from the comfort of your home. Trust our team, and we will show you which are the most well-known and successful online pages offering casino slot games! Make your domestic gambling night an unforgettable pleasure. Follow the tips you will find on InternetBettingSites.org!

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