International Sports Betting Sites – The Best Places for Your Bets

When investing real money in sports betting sites you cannot afford to take any risks. You need to do a precise research and make sure that you have chosen the most reliable gambling site on the web before you risk your savings and bet on your favorite sports games. Of course, choosing the top Internet casinos will not guarantee you big money but it will surely help you get there. The other factor giving you better chances for success is to be a loyal fan, who knows the rules of the game well, and has a little bit of luck.

If you have still not chosen a sport betting website, the ranking of will definitely help. Here are our Top Websites for Sports Bets for 2017:

Our Word of Advice for Sports Betting

Do not randomly select a website for your sports bets. Although most of them are fully licensed nowadays, some of them still offer poor betting experience to their users. This is often due to the low quality of the software they use or the inefficiency of their customer care. The sites we have ranked here have all been researched and reviewed, so you can sign up in any of them without hesitation.

sports betting sites prizesIf you want to learn more about the criteria that we have used to select the best online sports betting sites, you can read further. We have recommended other international gambling platforms that you may find interesting. They have been grouped in categories based on various factors like location, type of sports bets offered, bonuses and special deals, and much more. At this page you can also learn important facts about the industry and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to get your betting experience started.

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  • Regional analysis of betting websites
  • Betting site categories by types of sports
  • Sports betting website ranking criteria
  • Frequently asked questions about Internet sports betting
  • Tips on getting your online betting experience started
  • The success formula of sports betting

Regional Analysis of Online Sports Betting Sites

Keep in mind that not all betting sites that you may come upon operate in your area. You may be unable to place a bet at a specific gambling website from the location where you are at. This is mainly due to the fact that not all websites support different currencies used to pay sign up deposits. To make sure that your money is welcome where you want to bet them, check out the currency details first.

It is also of vital importance to trust your funds only to websites which have various cash-in opportunities for the winners. If the credit card types or web wallets used in your country are not listed as a money withdrawal option on the betting website that you have initially chosen, you may have to give your decision a second look.

Here are the best sports betting sites by location:

Sport betting and gambling sites in the USA

nfl sports bettingSports betting online can be quite confusing for the citizens of the United States of America especially without skills and experience for games. Since there is no specific law to regulate this type of gambling, for the bettors there have been a lot of speculations on the subject. Various state and federal laws suggest that creating websites dealing with online gambling on the territory of the country is illegal. These laws are aimed at company owners only and penalize them but not the actual site visitors. This said, all locals are allowed to gamble online, as long as they are signing up for the services offered by offshore companies, but not local ones. Unfortunately, finding a reliable and fully-operational sports betting and gambling site accepting US members may turn out to be quite time-consuming.

Sport betting and gambling sites in the UK

UK bettors are lucky to have more betting websites than any other nation around the globe. Online gambling is a popular form of entertainment among the residents of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As a response to the constantly rising demand for online betting platforms in Great Britain, more and more entrepreneurs start web gambling businesses. Unfortunately, the result is not improved quality of the service but quite the contrary. For the local citizens, finding trusted and user-friendly sites is becoming a true challenge, nowadays. To get a better picture of the online gambling market nowadays, it’s a good idea for Brits to take advantage of the information and rankings, provided by free websites like Their criteria for ranking the online sports betting sites in the UK quite high, and they constantly update their information. Once a trusted site gets a negative review, it immediately falls out of the top ranking.

Sport betting and gambling sites in Europe

Finding a decent online betting site in Europe is a piece of cake as most reputable websites operate with customers from The Old Continent. A few countries are legally restricted from online gambling websites, so do not be surprised if you cannot place your bets from just any point. If you have travelling plans, you’d better check the local gambling restrictions within the borders of the countries that you plan to visit.

The next best thing about European websites is that they offer a wide variety of sports that you can bet on. From horse-racing to tennis, you have it all under one roof. A single online betting site can often offer more than 50 opportunities for sports gambling. The jackpots and welcome bonuses on this continent are also not to be missed! They can be quite tempting because the competition is big and the majority of the Internet gambling sites try to win new bettors with shocking deals! They usually operate with euros but certain local currencies are accepted by the leading online sports betting sites.

Sport betting and gambling sites in Canada

online sport betsLet’s face it – the odds of winning big money from online betting in Canada are not very big, but your chances are much higher if you are a Canadian citizen who chose to play in sports betting online platforms based overseas. Not only the gambling software has developed more there but the choice of sports games to bet on is much bigger.

Hard to believe, Canadian gambling websites are not too many. In fact, Canada’s provincial governments offer a carefully selected group of sports betting games. Only the websites offering those types of games are approved by the local government. Surprisingly, these sites, operated by Sport Select do not accept all wagers. There are certain limitations in terms of the amount that you are allowed to bet and the types of games that you can play. These restrictions may make it more difficult for you to earn real money online.

The good news is that most of the international online betting corporations are Canadian-friendly and accept stakes from residents of this country all year long. If you are lucky enough to choose a trustworthy website, they may even allow you deposit or withdraw your funds in Canadian dollars.

Sport betting and gambling sites in Australia

Since various aspects of the online gambling are not welcomed by the Australian government, the bettors who want to play using legal sports betting sites should rather search for international Internet betting websites. You can always count on sites like if you are uncertain about the names of the highly – ranked platforms offering casino and sports games worldwide.

In conclusion, residents of Australia are legally allowed to bet online but they do not have many local opportunities to do it, so they prefer outsourced companies. The only slight discomfort that may spoil the bettors experience in this case is the fact that not all international sport betting websites accept the local currency.

International sports Betting and Gambling sites

Shakespeare has once said “All the world is a stage, and all men and women merely players…” If you want to be welcomed to the world’s online gambling stage, you need to embrace the idea of playing and betting at global gaming sites only. These sites offer numerous opportunities in terms of the numbers and variations of sports games that you can play. From live horse-racing bets to cricket and soccer championship games. They have it all.

The best way to find a solid and respectable web company offering online gambling services is to read sports betting sites reviews. They contain all details concerning welcoming bonuses, cash- out practices for the winners, odds of winning the jackpot, types of games offered, website software quality, information whether the site is easily operated, quality of the customer support, etc. All of these factors have to be taken into consideration when it’s a matter of placing a real money bet, even if it is done online. Never underestimate the power of the preliminary game site research.

Betting Site Categories by Types of Sports

Experienced bettors are steadily looking for new challenges, so advanced sports gambling websites that know their business, constantly strive to offer upgrades to the current sports game list that they have. If you had a favorite sport betting site in 2015, but you have not played for a while, it may be a good idea to check online whether this site is has made its way into the top rankings for 2017. If it’s not there, that’s probably because there was no upgrade to the sports offered in it.

The global sports betting sites divide most commonly the games that they offer in the two betting categories: live betting & betting through a mobile device. Each of them can be further categorized in various sports groups. Here are some of the basic sports which online bettors worldwide fancy (except horse races):

  • Soccersoccer betting
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Golf


Soccer, also known as football in Europe is enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide and is indisputably a massive draw for gamblers on a global scale. There are various types of soccer bets and strategies since it has so far been proven to be the most popular online Internet betting game. You can bet on the score in the half-time, on the score at the end of the game, on the leading team at the end of the game, on the red and yellow card total, etc.

It’s no surprise that so many people enjoy the online football betting experience on sports betting sites – various surveys prove that bettors can, actually, attain much more progress and acquire better sports betting skills by placing online wagers.


For many the baseball season is not only a source of great profit but a traditional annual event found entertaining for entire families. Baseball is certainly the game which attracts the most experienced betting fan base. Although it is predominantly a US sport, there are so many games played around the globe at the same time that no sportsbook can cover all of them.


Football sports betting sites are promoted mainly by US citizens, especially during the Super Bowl and College Championships. Online football betting not only requires good knowledge of the rules but also knowing secret betting tactics and winning strategies. Of course, as all gambling games, there’s a great amount of luck involved in it, but some propositions on how to wager on matches from the NFL (National Football League) from experts can only be a plus for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of online guidebooks to advise you on how to start football betting on the Internet including daily fantasy sports gaming.


basketballbetThis is a high-scoring sport which is found ideal for online betting by many tizzy fans. It is dynamic and unexpected like amusement park rides. Betting real money on it can guarantee you a thrilling experience not to be missed. There is a broad selection of wagers offered by both mobile and live betting sites, so make sure that you find the website to offer you various opportunities to multiply your funds. Although basketball is acclaimed primarily in the US, it is a grand passion for sports fans worldwide, as well.


This sport is big in Australia, England, New Zealand, India, Ireland, South Africa, and many other countries around the globe, so online wagers on this game are welcomed from various spots worldwide. For some nations cricket has become a passion, religion, and tradition for generations, that’s why they love to bet on it. What makes cricket betting exciting is the opportunity to place an in-play bet once the game has already started. We recommend you to look for online sports betting sites which give you the freedom to choose your type of bet – for most run outs, each team’s best batsman, the winning team, first inning leads, etc.


Sadly, the majority of sports betting websites only observe big events like tennis tournaments, finals, and championships. If you are a passionate supporter of this game, you’d better conduct a thorough research on the online tennis gambling options in your country. Sports betting sites like can be of aid to you when looking for a global betting site classification or current rankings.


If you are looking for a sport with a long gambling tradition, golf will surely not be the first option to cross your mind. Although, this game may not be as dynamic as football or horse-racing it attracts audience with its various interesting betting possibilities. Bettors can place hole-by-hole wagers, 2- or 3-ball bets, bets on the lowest score, etc. Hole-in-one bets have proven to be the most money making stakes so far, so if you are an experienced online gambler and enjoy this game, you may try to win hands down with this one.

Of course, these sports are just the essence of the world of online sports gambling. The list is long and constantly continues to grow. Some other popular games to place wagers on include: ice hockey, horse racing, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), promoting MMA (mixed martial arts), wrestling, winter sport disciplines, etc.

Sports Betting Website Ranking Criteria

sports betting sitesGenerally speaking, the sports betting sites ranking criteria may vary. In fact, there are so many wagering sites on the net is a good thing. Competition makes betting sites strive for perfection in order to gather more fans and loyal bettors in the long run. This is the key to increasing the standards of online gambling sites. This is also one of the reasons why they generously give bonuses to the benefit of bettors.

Unfortunately, having so many sites offering good online betting opportunities holds the risk to confuse the people looking for this type of service. As a result what they do is place their funds into the first site that they find, as they do not want to waste their sweet time in research and guessing.

Here is a quick way to choose a recommended site with an established reputation, so you can feel that your money is safe. Just follow these tips for a successful web research:

  • To rank a gambling site as reliable, the practical thing to do is to look for a web page advertising rewarding bonuses. Getting some extra value for your initial betting investment is always a good beginning.
  • Once you start betting, you’d better test a few online betting games by depositing a small amount of money. Never place large stakes before you are confident in the security of your funds.
  • Reading sports betting sites reviews is another plus for you. Platforms like offer free tips and updated rankings about some of the top international sports gambling web pages. It’s a good idea to check up similar rankings and get an idea about some of the leading names in the industry.
  • While reading the reviews pay specific attention to the rating of the cash-out policy of the respective online sports casino that you have chosen. Some websites tend to take forever when you ask for a withdrawal of your winnings.
  • To shortlist several dependable sites you may ask a friend bettor for help. Remember that doing your own research can take forever, but a single hint from a fellow gambler may make a big difference.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Sports Betting

Isn’t online sports betting a wrongful criminal act? This is a common misconception embraced by players globally as a result of the fact that in many countries around the world creating local online gambling websites is forbidden by law. Placing bets on outsourced international sites for poker, sports, or bingo, however, is not restricted or illegal, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Isn’t it hazardous to bet real money online? Betting on your favorite sportsmen or teams on the Internet is cannot be dangerous unless you choose an unreliable gambling site. Assessing the safety of a website involves some serious research on reviews and rankings, so you’d better invest some time in it. This will give you the peace of mind that your funds are protected and not wasted on scam betting sites.

Can I play on multiple websites at the same time? Of course, you can. The market offers so many options that it is impossible for you not to be tempted to try out different sports gambling bonus and jackpot opportunities.

How can I receive my winnings from live betting on sports games? Once you have acquired an amount of money that you would like to withdraw, you can do it by either requesting a check to be addressed to you or using any of the site’s deposit mechanisms that you have already taken advantage of.

How does your site evaluate the websites ranked? The secret of the accuracy in our betting site rankings lays in the careful and thorough audits, research, inspections and weekly revision of the information that we offer to our visitors. It takes many hours of hard-work to run all the rankings in different casino and sports gambling categories.

How often do you update your rankings? The list of best online sports betting sites ranked from our research specialists is not permanent. We check online reviews and analysis on a weekly basis, and update the information here, only if there are changes to be announced. For example, if a sports gambling website fails to deliver the same quality of services as before, we instantly replace it on our rank list with a better one.

Tips on Getting Your Online Betting Experience Started

sports betting sites to tryThe moment you have selected a trustworthy betting site, you can easily get started with your online bet placement. The hardest and the most time-consuming part is, actually, finding a secure website to input your funds. After you have done it, all that you will be left for you to do will be to deposit some cash, and place your first sports wager. Simple, isn’t it?

If it still sounds frustrating for you to gamble online and you are uncertain about the initial steps that you have to take, read further and get informed by our short, wager placement introduction, article. Our guide may be simple but it contains all of the necessary details which every beginner needs to be aware of.

The Success Formula of Sports Betting

Discovering a top gambling website is like Ordering a Big Portion of luck – you didn’t think that you needed so much but you can always use some more. If you are looking for the universal equation solving all your sports betting doubts, you will not find it in a site ranking or a guidebook for placing sports stakes. The secret of a successful game lies in the combination of several factors: finding trusted sports betting sites, carefully calculating of your bets, sports gambling experience, enthusiasm, persistence in watching your favorite sports, and, of course, a big a fortunate stroke of serendipity!

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